Drummers and flag wavers show

Monday 25th of July – h 21.00
Piazza del Popolo

Full programme

Cerimony of the Arrival of the Palio

Sunday 31st of July – from h19 – Porta San Francesco

Full programme

Historical parade at Torre di Palme

Monday 1st of August – h 21 – Torre di Palme

Full programme

Gallo d'Oro

Friday 5th of August – h 21.30 – Piazza del Popolo

Full programme


from 7th of August to 10th of August – from h19 – Piazza del Popolo

Full programme

Flag wavers

Sunday 7th of August – h 21.30 – Piazzale del Girfalco

Full programme

Historical archery

Monday 8th of August – h 21.30 – Piazzale del Girfalco

full programme

Tug of War

Tuesday 9th of August – h 21.30 – Piazzale del Girfalco

Full programme

Horses drawing

Friday 12nd of August – h 21.30 – Piazza del Popolo

Full programme

Historical parade

Sunday 14th of August – from h 20.45 – Santa Lucia

Full programme

Corsa al Palio

Lunedì 15 Agosto – ore 17.00 – Percorso di gara

Programma completo

The Cavalcata of Assunta is the oldest reenactement in Italy. Plays historical parade, religious celebrations and tournaments related to the patronal feast of the Virgin Mary Assumption since 1182. In the late Middle Ages (1436) became a means to reaffirm the Fermo supremacy on the territory. This is testified in a miniated page of the Messale De Firmonibus to which the reenactment is inspired and reproduced in the gonfalon. Now as then, the winner of the horse race conquest the Palio dell’Assunta. In earlier days, the rivalry between the 10 Contrade of Fermo is expressed in cooking of the Hostarie and in the historical games challenge. Before the Palio of 15 August, there is the Tratta dei Bàrberi, the horse drawing for the Contrade assignment









Cavalcata dell'Assunta